We have been training business owners in the Art of Selling for some years now and seen some drastic changes to not only their sales figures but the confidence of their team.  Why do so many aestheticians fear selling?  One of the main reasons is that they don’t have the necessary sales skills or sales process support behind them to start with.  It’s like jumping off a cliff without a parachute!

Here is how you can help your team to overcome their fears and build their confidence with selling:

  1. It starts with the Mindset – if you think that you’re pushing a “sale” then you will come across as the hard, cheesy and sometimes awkward salesperson. Instead think in terms of “helping your prospect to buy”.  You are the educator in their decision and giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision.  Think about it like this – when you go to the doctors with an issue, they will give you a prescription for your solution.  The same applies here, you are just giving them a solution (or prescription) for their skin health issues.  Remember, you are the experts and you have the necessary solutions to meet their needs.
  2. Fear of Rejection – when we get a “no” you want to just run away and hide. It feels like a personal attack.  You start to question what you’re selling, whether you’re made for being an aesthetician or even sales.  Try not to take it personally.  If you do everything right during your sales process (by that I mean from the minute they contact your business right through to the sales meeting…and even after that) then they may just not be ready to make a decision that day.  They may take a little longer to make a decision or need to discuss the spending with their partner.  Remember to always follow up – they may have unanswered questions and be ready for a “yes”.  You will be amazed that just by following up how many sales are made!
  3. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to wait through silences. If you are in front of someone who is prepared to buy what you’re selling….then wait for them to respond.  When you get to the point of asking for the sale (don’t be afraid to ask) then waiting for their response should be met with an awkward silence.  Don’t be afraid wait until they speak first.  You will be surprised with what happens – often they will sell themselves into buying.  If you ask questions and have the client talking, it will allow you to understand and get more information about their skin health concerns.

My team would use “Have you thought about ….?” Or “why don’t you consider…” when they would be talking to a client about up-selling from a standalone treatment to a package of treatments.  After 3 months of learning and practicing successful scripts, 83% of our clients were on a package of treatments.  Practicing scripts and role playing, while it you may get a “groan” to start with, will really help your team to build their confidence around selling.  Remember to support your team by praising the successes and work through their challenges and questions.