Have you sat back and wondered how many “coffee” dates you do with prospects who don’t become clients?  You know oh too well that feeling you get when you get back in the car after another coffee date where the person you’ve just spent an hour with says “I’ll think about it”?  You’ve made a great friend who thinks what you do is amazing but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills.

You wonder “where did I go wrong”?

When we first meet with business owners who are conducting Sales Meetings, we found that these were the top 3 reasons why they didn’t convert their prospect into a client:

  1. They didn’t find their pain point – what do I mean by pain point. People will tell you that their biggest frustration is not being able to afford their bills.  What their pain point is their sleepless nights where they stress about being able to provide for their family.  The concern whether they have made the right choice with their business and what if it doesn’t work.
  2. They spoke too much – this is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make in sales. They feel the Sales Meeting is the opportunity for them to sell themselves.  That should have happened well before the Sales Meeting.  The main purposes of the Sales Meeting is to build rapport and really just listen.  Take a moment to hear what their biggest frustration really is and how it’s affecting their lives.
  3. Not confident with overcoming Buying Objections – if you are in sales you need to be confident and comfortable with overcoming buying objections. When researched, the number one fear people had in a sales meeting, was getting to the buying objections section of the meeting and not knowing how to respond.  When we began working with them and trained them how to overcome buying objections and be ready for them with all the right scripts they needed, their conversion rate increased by a massive 53%!!  Just by learning how to overcome the buying objections.

We have worked with thousands of business owners just like you who are now “killing it in sales”!  Would you like to learn the formula our clients are successfully using with their prospects to increase their conversion rate?  Book a call to find out how…