“I tried one of Cherie’s strategies following up cold leads and got two appointments”
– Christopher Tana


“After this training, I have a lot more confidence in sales”
Team Sales Training


“I really didn’t have an idea about marketing. We worked on some great strategies for my business”
–  Pip Eaton

“I needed help developing my business”
–  Steve Douglas

Cherie Stokic has been a speaker at our CA Management Business and Software Expo in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

We found Cherie to be extremely professional and an excellent speaker who’s presentation was always of the highest calibre. Her sessions were always fully booked as her topics always covered real life challenges and struggles that businesses face every day. The feedback from attendees was always outstanding and they learned so much from her sessions, hence why we have brought her back year after year. It was such a great value-add for our clients.

Her dynamic style and extensive subject knowledge gave her attendees not only great learnings they could implement into their business today to make massive changes but also lasting memories of the topics. Cherie’s ability to bring in real life stories illustrated her extensive knowledge of the topics and years of working with numerous businesses. The handouts that Cherie provided and the timing of learning objectives covered were both perfect.

It is not easy to keep hundreds of people engaged for a long period of time however with her presentation style, Cherie was able to keep everyone engaged and also entertained! It was always clear that she has years of speaking experience.

Cherie is professional both off stage and on stage, and is always keen to help others. In 2016 we engaged Cherie to help support our other speakers to be able to deliver the ultimate presentation. The speakers appreciated the help and loved learning different strategies to keeping an audience engaged and how to create the perfect training program.

We would recommend anyone looking for a dynamic speaker that educates, engages and entertains all at the same time!

Colin Atkinson

CA Management Services Pty Ltd

The best course I have attended in years! Fabulous presenter and the course was so relevant to modern day needs. Cherie was very interactive and was so easy to listen and learn from. Fantastic! – Robyn McIntosh

Cherie was the most engaging presenter I have seen at our training.  I have learnt lots of new tips that I can implement on a day to day basis. – Karen Wibberley

Marketing and Sales Mastery in Kalgoorlie