Clinic owners are now discovering that throwing more money at marketing alone doesn’t increase their sales figures.  You can spend a lot of money on marketing but your team still needs to know how to sell and more importantly how to overcome buying objections.

It’s not about “pushing” the client into purchasing this is a big “no-no”!  It’s about educating them and guiding them in their decision.  If a client has a buying objection, there could be a number of reasons why.

  1. Unplanned Spending – They have come along to their appointment with the amount in their mind that they are spending that day on their appointment and not be ready to purchase other products or have the budget that day. You can overcome this by ensuring that they have some information about treatments or products before they come to their appointment, so you have started to “seed” the purchase.  A great option is to provide your clients with regular updated information it could be in the form of a monthly newsletter with information on new products or treatments or testimonials from other clients who have had successes.  Education is key!
  2. Take the Time – Taking the time to spend with the client before the treatment. We see so many clinics rush their clients in and rush their clients out without spending time before and after their treatment.  Clinic owners see this time as costly because the aesthetician isn’t actively doing a treatment.  It’s actually costly by not booking this time is as that is where they can understand more about the client and their concerns and find out some of their fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations when it comes to their skin health.
  3. Helpful Tools – Have the necessary tools they need to avoid – we introduced a Skin Scanner to one of our clients clinics to assist their team and help their clients see the effects their lack of skin regime will have on their skin long term. Now a staggering 86% of facial clients purchase products from their first appointment which includes a skin scanner treatment.
  4. Two Option Close – using this tool has helped so many of our clients and their teams successfully sell even high-end products and treatments.  Give your clients two options, a minimum or maximum maintenance solution.  That way they can choose and still make a purchase from you.  Rather than giving them an open-ended question that they can answer “yes” or “no” to you’re giving them two solutions to choose from.Most times, clients won’t want just the “minimum” solution for their skin, they will choose the maximum. It still gives clients who are on a tight budget an option.
  5. Successful Scripts – Learn scripts to overcome the buying objections. If you’re in sales you need to know, live and love the buying objections.  Practice the scripts with your team and learn to respond to different objections.  Be ready for them, get to the point where you are so confident that you wish they would give you an objection so you could use your overcoming buying objection skills.  You need to be confident and ready for the buying objection so you can educate your client on why they are holding them back.

The more time you spend with your team training them to overcome buying objections will reward you with outstanding sales figures.  Remember to take time out of your week for team training and give your team the tools they need to sell!