It costs so much to get new customers, 6 times as much in fact, as it does to look after your current customers…so why do so many businesses only focus on getting new ones?  I noticed recently a series of ads by a clinic where they consistently offered deals and specials to only new customers but didn’t have anything to keep their current customers loyal (especially the VIPs).

Here are some reasons why you may have lost some VIP clients:

  1. They lost trust with your clinic – it only takes one bad experience for someone to lose trust.
  2. Your competitors are running a special discounted promotion and they’ve “jumped ship”.
  3. You haven’t kept in contact and when they needed your services they just booked in with someone who did keep in contact and was at the “front of mind”.

So, you are probably now wondering if you have lost some VIP customers…if you’re “wondering” then you don’t have your finger on the pulse with your business.  Get to know your numbers this is so important (and I don’t just mean your accounting figures).

Who are your VIP clients – not just the ones who are spending top dollars with you but the ones who are also referring you the most and the ones who are consistently coming in.

Okay so you’re probably shrinking in your seat thinking of all the VIP customers you haven’t seen in a while.  It’s okay here are some ways to win them back.

  • Make Contact – either by phone or a little card in the post with a small gift saying “we miss you”. Let them know that you were thinking of them.  Calling past clients has been the most successful strategy for our clients as they have the opportunity to find out why they haven’t been coming in.
  • Make an Offer – now remember we don’t want to “buy” them back. We want to Welcome them back.  Give them something they wouldn’t have come in for previously., a new treatment you might have just got in or invite them to a VIP night.  A VIP night is a great way to welcome a lot of clients back all at once.
  • Make it WOW – remember you want to be the conversation at the ladies’ long lunch table. You want them to be raving to their friends.  Some great examples could be an “LED Light Therapy” treatment complimentary (remember try to give them a treatment your team can add-on to or something that is low cost to the business, so you aren’t out of pocket) or a Peel treatment with any facial.

Consistency is key when it comes to keeping in contact with your customers.  Include one strategy with your marketing so you aren’t just focusing on getting new clients but keeping your current ones.