I have always loved business and training. When I was younger I was always the leader or teacher. I realised early on my natural talent to be able to see how a business could stand out from the crowd.

I remember one day walking home and chatting to the owner of a coffee shop. I had given the owner some ideas of how to improve his business as it wasn’t doing too well. He walked out of his way so he could keep talking to me and getting ideas.

I spent a year helping with my parent’s business putting in place systems and procedures but my real passion and forte was when it came to marketing, and coming up with out of the box ideas to grow what they had started.

Within 12 months the business had doubled in size with the need to build a second factory next door. They also went from selling 1 product to 7, and a number of these new products had a massive profit margin.

Over the years I have done the same for my own businesses – a number of successful manufacturing companies and beauty salons. With my experience and wealth of knowledge I decided over 10 years ago that it was time to help other business owners. I kept meeting business owners who were making simple mistakes that were costing them thousands of dollars and in some cases, their entire business.

I am passionate and have a genuine care for helping business owners succeed. I have worked with and trained thousands of businesses in Australia and overseas, and I have spent many years perfecting the ‘Perfect Pitch’.

Now, how can I help you?